Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quote - The Temporary Nature of Divine Law

Alden Thompson, writing in Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God (an excellent book, published, as it turns out, by fellow blogger Henry Neufeld):

The facts of the matter are that divine laws are no more enduring than the human situation which makes them necessary. The beauty of the divine condescension is precisely that God recognized the human condition and molded his revelation accordingly. (pg. 62)


majorsteve said...

Ken, does this relate somehow to a previous discussion where I posited the question; if there were no humans on the Earth, would any act by an animal be considered "wrong" by God?

Ken Brown said...

Perhaps so. I just saw it as an extension of the previous post, but that could be an interesting way of taking it. An alternative would be to ask if morality could legitimately differ for a sentient but asexual race?