Friday, August 8, 2008

The Opening Ceremony

I have to say, tonight's Opening Ceremony was incredible. When it was announced that they spent over $300 million dollars on the event, my first thought was: Is this really a worthwhile way to spend the Chinese people's money? But the truth is, that amounts to less than 25 cents per Chinese person, and it went to produce a spectacle for which they should be proud.

There is much about Chinese policy that is tragic and reprehensible, but I can only hope that these Olympics might be a step towards a freer and more open future.


Carmen Andres said...

we let our kids stay up to watch the entire ceremony (my youngest went to bed around 10, he just couldn't stay up any later). we too were awed. amazing.

Charlie said...

25 cents per person... amazing! It was the most interesting and beautiful opening ceremony I've seen in a long time, and I think what made it special was the way China infused the whole thing with their history, tradition and spiritual beliefs.

Let's hope, as you do, that these Olympics encourage the Chinese leadership to allow more freedom and openness there.

Ken Brown said...

Absolutely! It was a beautiful combination of tradition and innovation.