Friday, August 29, 2008


I generally avoid politics around here (except the occasional joke), but I did want to take a moment to register my congratulations to both Democratic and Republican parties for taking truly historic steps in their nominations. If reports are true that McCain has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, that means that this November we are guaranteed to elect either a black President or a female Vice President.

Congratulations to both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin (and McCain and Biden as well)! Though I have often been cynical and skeptical of both major parties, this is a remarkable turn of events!


Carmen Andres said...

i'm with you on this! i commented to my husband as we watched her speak that this has got to be the most interesting and dramatic election in my memory. amazing.

Ken Brown said...


Now, if only my concerns weren't divided between the two parties. I hate the fact that no matter what, I'll be choosing against issues that are important to me... sigh.

spud tooley said...

i wish palin and obama were running mates.

here's a question, though: a maverick is someone who likes to do things their own way.

they say mccain is a maverick.

they say palin is one, too.

what happens when two mavericks get together?

this is no slam against palin, but i believe she is little more than the checking of a number of boxes in mccain's view. almost a political 'eye-candy', if i can be so crass.

it's a good pick by mccain - one that may make people think, well, i can put up with him for four years if it means we get her in 2012.

personally, i just wonder how in the world ANYONE - male or female - could be VP - or even, ultimately, P - with five kids, one of them with special needs. i'm not saying it can't be done ... i just know that life is pretty much a whirlwind now for me with three teenage daughters and the manager-level job i have.

sometimes we want an ideal to be true that in harsh reality cannot be.

mike rucker
fairburn, ga, usa