Monday, August 11, 2008

Dharma Wants You "Security Upgrade" and "Glitch"

More for you LOST fans: Dharmawantsyou sent out a new email condemning:

the unauthorized release of confidential video documentation during a sponsored panel discussion with the makers of the TV show "LOST" at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego.
That would be this video, which shows Dr. Marvin Candle (who reveals his real name to be Pierre Cheng) 30 years in the past but predicting the future. There is also a baby in the background and what seems to be the voice of Daniel Faraday and includes other points of interest.

In any case, the email states that the Volunteer Assessment will be delayed until a "security upgrade" can be added to the site and warns that any leaked information will result in the immediate termination of one's volunteer status (well, good luck terminating mine!)

So if you go to the site and sign in, then about 20 seconds after the "Volunteer Assessment Commencing Soon" notice appears, there is a "glitch" (see here), causing the screen to get blurry and displaying a series of apparently random letter combinations, one of which (kept on the screen longer) is always some arrangement of the letters aeeiiio dhmnnst, for instance:

Lostpedia claims this is an anagram for "I am on the inside" (which is probably right), but other (more fun) options I've found include: "He is a demon in it" or "adhesion in time." (And yes, James, I'll be sure to watch out for Sayid. After all, he might be interested to know that Dharma has a security breach!)


Anonymous said...

Well Dharma,
It's 8/19/08 and the Volenteer Assessment Testing was supposed to start today. It's almost 9 p.m. now, and no commencing as of yet. lol
Maybe the testing is on the island? Maybe that explains the long trip over the water with relative speed and time getting lost. Hmm.

Ken Brown said...

Maybe testing did commence on 8/19/08, in screwy alternative reality "island time". So that means it will happen for us in what, 3 years? Or is it 30? I get so confused...

Where's Daniel? Maybe he can tell us.

Anonymous said...

I never saw that glitch, ever.

Ken Brown said...

The "glitch" was only there for a couple days, before they added the "security upgrade," but you can see it on the youtube video linked above.