Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hurray for gaudy acronyms! WWFBSTW, according to Drew Tatusko, means “What Would Five Biblical Studies Types Write?” And he tagged me (Thanks Drew!):

This meme is very simple. You choose five Biblical studies types and invent a post that they might have written over the last couple of months. Those parodied are entitled, yea, obligated to tag five other bibliobloggers in similar fashion. Don’t forget to link to this original post.

Here goes:

James McGrath: “How Dr. Who LOST His Intelligent Design When He Tried to Learn Mandaic”
Ben Myers: “St. Paul’s Taste in Theology Does Not Include Pornographic Worship”
Scot McKnight: “According to the Gospel of Ruth, James Dobson Does Not Speak For Conservatives”
Chris Heard: “How to Maintain an Audience Without Posting Anything”
Michael Halcomb: “Why Steve Carell Should Not Produce a Comic Version of Genesis 2”

My apologies if you’ve already been tagged. Actually, you have my apologies for tagging you at all! ;)


Drew said...

You nailed it on many levels! McGrath's and Myers' especially cracked me up :-)

Ben Myers said...


Ken Brown said...

Thanks Drew and Ben!

T. Michael W. Halcomb said...

Sorry I never did the meme. I started it and then we moved from KY to MI, so, it's been crazy busy. I've still had a few posts go up but haven't been reading everybody else enough to make jokes. I appreciate your "meming" of me but I just was unable to get to it. Sorry.

Ken Brown said...

No problem. A meme is meant to be fun, not a burden (despite the wording of this one!). How are you finding Michigan? Are you near enough to Grand Rapids to take advantage of the cheap books direct from the publishers that call it home?