Tuesday, July 29, 2008

See You Next Week!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love you, tomorrow!
Sorry, but I'm a little excited (and I tend to get goofy when I'm excited). Tomorrow morning, my wife and I will make our way to the local hospital for the birth of our son, our second child, by scheduled C-Section. Rather than attempting to come up with new and exciting content in what I anticipate to be a rather distracted and sleep-deprived state, I'll be taking the week off. But not to worry (yes, I know you were all beside yourselves with grief!), following Drew's example I've scheduled several slightly updated reposts of material my newer readers might have missed. I've also scheduled a couple new items to keep things fresh. Let me also recommend my recent comment discussion with N. Adam, here, here, and here, which raised some interesting points.

In any case, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, mock my ignorance behind my back, or simply go your merry way to greener pastures. I should still have Internet access and may poke my head in for a birth announcement, or an occasional comment, but probably no more than that til the middle of next week.

Before I take off though, let me just add that my wife is amazing. When I get a mild stomach ache, I moan in pain and spend the rest of the day on the sofa. She's been having contractions every day for weeks, each one feeling like she's had the wind knocked out of her, and not only does she never complain, she kept working full-time until last week and continues to do as much around the house as I let her. She's a saint, I tell you, and it's mainly for her sake that I wont be blogging for the next week—she needs me more than you do!

God bless, and I hope you all have a great week!

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T. Michael W. Halcomb said...

congrats you all. may God bless you richly during these next few days!!!