Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Good Choice

Congratulations Obama! Thank you for your efforts to raise the level of civility and optimism in our nation and around the world. Thank you for your hopeful and bi-partisan approach, as evidenced by your cabinet appointments and Inaugural address. I pray that you truly are able to lead us to a brighter future. That said, while there are many campaign promises that I hope you are able to keep, there is one in particular that I very much hope you are not.


Unknown said...

You know, it is rather curious how a site like the one you've linked to can be so opposed to abortion and embryonic stem cell research on moral standing alone, yet (according to my google searches) have absolutely nothing meaningful to say about the horrible infant morality rate in the US and the fact that we have tens of millions of children are currently without healthcare.

I am not trying to be cute or anything, but does being pro-life end at birth?

PS: Did you ever get that youtube clip I sent you?

Ken Brown said...

N. Adam,
I replied in a new post. As for the video, I hadn't checked that email in a couple weeks (it was supposed to forward to my regular email address, but apparently that didn't work), but I'll be sure to watch it tomorrow.