Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Atheist Bus (Stop) Campaign

HT A Work in Progress via Friendly Atheist and James McGrath


Anonymous said...

That's classic. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I notice an absence of engangement with reality on your part. There's nothing about religiously motivated atrocities by Israel in Gaza.

Ken Brown said...

I was going to offer a witty rejoinder, but you're right--the subject deserves attention.

Still, I question your reduction of the issues to "religiously motivated atrocities by Israel." What, no concern for the atrocities by Hamas? Nor can you reduce the issues to religion alone--economics, politics, group loyalties and all manner of other issues surely have as much to do with fostering violence in the Middle East as religion.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't reduce the issue to one of religiously motivated atrocities. I would just point to the role of religion in the conflict. Nor would I wish to overlook the 13 Israelis killed, as opposed to 1300 Palestinians (or approximately these numbers). What I would underline is that the mythology of the Promised Land for the Chosen People is a key factor in Jewish colonisation of Palestine.