Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moloch or Mammon

Interesting comment by Mark S. (from here, commenting on this post; links added):

I can completely understand a devout Christian looking at the political views of Obama (as well as most prominent Democrats) and being rather disgusted. I get it. In fact, I'm right there with you.

What I don't get is many of those same people turning around and loving the Republicans. Their vileness is a different vileness, to be sure, but it is still vile.

Just because I won't vote for Moloch doesn't mean I'm going to vote for Mammon.


Carmen Andres said...

yeah, i saw that comment too. it goes some way in illustrating the hard place many of us find ourselves in as we try to figure out who to vote for in the election. one of the other comment-makers discussed this too. . .

i heard on NPR yesterday that obama recently met with a group of evangelicals, including franklin graham, max lacado (sp?) and the editor of "christianity today." that would have been interesting - i hope CT writes about it.

Ken Brown said...

I've never felt more conflicted by an election than this one. There wasn't even anyone in the primaries that I much cared to see in office, let alone the two we get to choose between now. I'm just so thoroughly disillusioned with both parties by this point that I don't know what I'll do come November. Perhaps one or the other can convince me I'm wrong about them before then, but I'm feeling pretty cynical right now.