Sunday, February 10, 2008

Out with the Old?

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it is constantly growing and remaking itself. The terrible thing about the Internet is that nothing lasts. Even the best posts quickly slip from the main page and are rarely ever seen again. Worse, entire sites disappear, and take all their content with them. (In fact, I’ve written about this before). That’s why I’ve tried to transfer here a few of the better posts I wrote at Salvo’s blog.

Unfortunately, it seems that the old Crux Project blogs have recently, and without notice, been taken down (Crux was the previous incarnation of Salvo, and where I got my start blogging). Thankfully, the Internet Archive retains a copy of the site, but I don’t know how long that will remain the case (like I said, nothing is certain online). Because I would prefer not to lose all record of the posts I wrote there (ok, some of them, I’d just assume forget!), I’m going to ramp up my habit of reposting them, so bear with me in the coming weeks as I post those I care to save (I wont do them all at once, maybe one every day or two).

Unlike the ones I have already reposted, many of these reflect conversations that were occurring at the time and may seem a bit awkward on their own. Many were supplemented by discussions in the comments, but at least I’ll be able to retain something of what I have written. I may perhaps update and correct the more egregious errors in these posts (and update outdated web-addresses), but not so much as to change their original point. But this is my blog, so I can do what I want, right? ;)

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